Daltonen STRO separator membrane element performance list

Model D100 D200 DN300 Membrane assembly rod lengthA(mm) 1305
ModelEffective area Ft(㎡) 29.3 29.3 29.3 Shell length B(mm) 1150
Inlet flow range(m3/h) 5.5-12 5.5-12 5.5-12 Membrane component diameter C(mm)  
Recommended inlet flow(m3/h) 10 10 10 Support height D(mm) 25
Water yield(m3/d) 18 29 32 Inlet/concentrated water interface(in.) Clamp type interface1lin.
Stable rejection rate(%) 99.7 99.4 99.3 Water producing interface(mm) 2* hose quick interface11.6X9
Minimum rejection rate(%) 99.3 99 97 Pressure rating 120bar
Maximum pressure difference(bar) 1.0 1.0 1.0    
Inlet channel network Special open design Special open design Special open design  
Maximum operating pressure(bar) 120 D100 Inlet pressure 5.5Mpa(800psi);
Inlet water temperature 25℃(77°F);
Maximum operating temperature(°C) 40 Influent water quality 32,000ppm NaCl;
Influent pH 8; Recovery rate 8%
Continuous operation(pH) 3-11 D200 Inlet pressure 1.55Mpa(225psi);
Inlet water temperature 25℃(77°F);
Short cleaning(pH) 2-12 Influent water quality 2,000ppm NaCl;
Influent pH 8; Recovery rate 15%
Residual chlorine tolerance(ppm) ≤0.1 DN300 Inlet pressure 0.48Mpa(70psi);
Inlet water temperature 25℃(77°F);
Stress(bar) 75 75 90 Influent water quality 2,000ppm NaCl;
Influent pH 8; Recovery rate 8%





Dalton STRO separation membrane products

The design advantages of the Dalton Tube Reverse Osmosis (STRO) membrane module, combined with an unobstructed, non full flow inlet system and a larger effective membrane area of the coiled membrane module, greatly optimize the hydrodynamic performance and overcome the common defects of easy pollution and scaling in conventional coiled reverse osmosis membrane modules to a greater extent.

As an innovative reverse osmosis membrane product, Dalton STRO membrane has a wide range of adaptability to influent water sources, especially suitable for concentration, recovery, and standard discharge of high concentration and high salinity wastewater. The Dalton STRO membrane adopts a high-pressure end plate and a high-pressure resistant center rod fixed in a fiberglass container. The STRO pressure resistance at 90 bar can reach 90 bar, and the pressure resistance at 120 bar can reach 120 bar. It has incomparable advantages in terms of pollution resistance compared to ordinary roll membrane.


The main technical features of Dalton STRO membrane components include:

(1) Open flow channel with a spacing of 34~120 mils (approximately 1.2~4 mm) can reduce flow resistance, concentration polarization, and membrane cleaning more thoroughly:

(2) Pressure resistance range ≥ 7.0 MPa, which can significantly overcome osmotic pressure and achieve high concentration factor

For more information, please call the hotline 0755-66611508 or download the technical manual.

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