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Popular Product Recommendations

Daltonen's full range of membrane products use anti-fouling membranes, condensing the world's cutting-edge technology to create a pure future

Seawater Desalination
Daltonen membranes create 'cores' to drive seawater desalination, providing innovative solutions to the global water supply crisis.
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Industrial pure water
Daltonen escorts the pure waterway, bringing a new era of pure water to the industry.
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Power Petrochemical
Daltonen membranes drive the future and bring clean, efficient and sustainable solutions to petrochemicals.
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Material separation/concentration and purification
An outstanding companion for material separation, concentration and purification, reverse osmosis membrane assistant to realize infinite possibilities for purification
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Municipal sewage
Closely following the guidance of national policies and strategies, Daltonen uses membrane power to 'clean” to the end.
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Zero/near-zero emissions
To protect the blue planet, Daltonen starts from scratch and contributes to a sustainable future.
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Daltonen Advantages

Excellent long-term stability, flexible, easy to customize, provide a full range of technical support and solutions.

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    Technical advantages

    Daltonen's R&D engineers keep innovation, break through the shackles, cross dimensions, build reverse osmosis technical barriers, and build an extraordinary road to life and health

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    Service advantages

    Daltonen people take products as the center, technology and service as the guideline, service stands, customize exclusive services according to customer needs, and bring customers the ultimate experience.

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    Product advantages

    Daltonen focuses on quality and is willing to progress, Daltonen's full range of anti-fouling membrane products provide customers with excellent solutions to help users succeed in their careers from multiple angles.

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    Competitive advantages

    Dalton is deeply invested in research and development, and its products are constantly innovating, and it is a consultant to help users reduce costs and increase efficiency, and a partner who promotes new highs in customers' careers.

News & Activities

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Innovative application of membrane separation technology in the extraction of pectin from fruit juice

The membrane separation technology can effectively remove these impurities, making the apple juice more transparent and more refreshing. At the same time, the technology can also separate pectin from fruit juice, improve the purity and yield of pectin, and provide more high-quality raw materials for the food industry.

Pretreatment process strategy to cope with colloid membrane contamination

Electric flocculation method: agglomeration of colloidal particles occurs through the action of electric field. Under the action of an electric field, the charged colloidal particles will move towards the electrode and form a sedimentary layer on the electrode surface. This method is particularly effective for removing charged colloidal particles.

Deep application of membrane separation technology in the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine

membrane separation technology is also widely used in the extraction of radix isatis, ginger, artemisia annua and other roots, as well as fruit herbs such as monk fruit, wolfberry. There are also many impurities and low extraction efficiency in the extraction process of these Chinese herbs. Through the treatment of membrane separation technology, it can not only improve the purity and quality of products, but also maximize the utilization of resources and promote the sustainable development of Chinese herbal medicine industry.

Help & Services

Excellent long-term stability, flexible, easy to customize, provide a full range of technical support and solutions.