Product Introduction

The Daltonen Membrane NF600 nanofiltration membrane adopts the latest membrane component manufacturing technology to minimize filtration dead corners and bypasses, and has the characteristics of high flux and high desalination. It has high retention for divalent ions and good retention for monovalent ions, achieving high water yield while effectively retaining organic compounds with molecular weights of 300-600 (Dalton) or above, and also has excellent decolorization performance. The NF600 series nanofiltration membrane components come in two sizes: 4 "and 8", suitable for various fields such as reclaimed water reuse and municipal water use

· With extremely high flux and high removal rate

· Suitable for high salt water treatment

· Achieve high water yield while maintaining moderate removal performance


Product size


Size A inch (mm) Size B inch (mm) Size C inch (mm) Size D inch (mm)
DA-NF600-400 40(1,016) / 1.125(29) 7.9 (201)
DA-NF600-4040 37.9(963) 1.05(26.7) 0.75(19) 3.9(99)



Product parameters


ModelEffective area Ft(㎡) Stable rejection rate(%)     Water yield gpd(m³/d)
DA-NF600-400 400 (37.2) 90%Mgs04 13,200(50)(MgS04)
DA-NF600-4040 85(7.9) 90% Mgs04 2,700(10.2)(Mg504)

Test conditions: inlet pressure 0.48MPa (70 psi); Inlet water temperature 25 ° C (77 ° F); Inlet water quality 2000 ppm MgSO4; The pH value of the inlet water is 8; The recovery rate is 15%.


Instructions for use

Maximum working pressure 41 bar (600psi) Continuous operation PH range PH 3-10
Maximum operating temperature 45°C (113°F) Allowable free atmosphere content <0.1ppm
Maximum inlet water SDI value 5.0 Flow range of a single membrane element ±15%
Chemical cleaning PH range PH 1-13 Effective membrane area variation range ±3%
Maximum pressure drop for a single membrane element 1.2 bar (15psi) Time to obtain stable desalting rate Run continuously for 24h-48h

For more information, please call the hotline 0755-66611508 or download the technical manual.

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