Power Petrochemical

Energy conservation, emission reduction, and development of circular economy projects supported by the state

About Background:

Petrochemical industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy. While the industry is steadily developing, the total amount of wastewater discharge in the industry remains high& Ldquo; Thirteenth Five; During this period, with the improvement of quality of life and the emphasis on energy conservation and emission reduction, on the one hand, the people's requirements for the intensity of wastewater discharge in the industry have become increasingly strict; On the other hand, the space for industry wastewater reduction is becoming smaller and the cost is becoming higher, and the situation of industry wastewater treatment is severe.



Project location: Guangxi

Raw water quality: Guangxi X Petrochemical Co., Ltd

Water production purpose: recycling

Membrane element type: industrial grade reverse osmosis membrane

Processing scale:2000m3/d

Processing scale:2000m3/d


Benefit improvement:

Analysis of the water production cost of the water treatment system: the cost of reagents (flocculants, fungicides, scale inhibitors, reducing agents, etc.) is 0.35 yuan/t, the cost of electricity (pumps and other electrical equipment) is 2.35 yuan/t, the cost of labor and management is 0.5 yuan/t, and the total operating cost is 3.2 yuan/t. The cost per ton of seawater desalination mainly comes from electricity bills, and power plants have cost advantages in this regard. This project can save approximately 1.75 million tons of tap water annually, effectively alleviating the severe shortage of fresh water in the region, with significant environmental and economic benefits.