Performance characteristics

Daltonen DHSRO sanitary grade thermal disinfection reverse osmosis membrane element produced water quality is good, can withstand hot water disinfection treatment. The Doyle DHSRO membrane area has an extremely high effective filling density due to advanced film fabrication processes and film formulation, which allows systems to be designed for lower operating fluxes or to maintain the same flux using fewer membrane elements to save system costs. The element has a caseless fu-ft structure, which eliminates the dead water between the standard membrane element and the inner wall of the pressure vessel. It is suitable for applications with special sanitary requirements.


Daltonen DHSRO reverse osmosis membrane component performance list






DA-HSRO-4040 DA-HSRO-390 DA-HSRO-4040 DA-HSRO-390
Effective area Ft(㎡)


390 (36) Size A: 40.0(016) Size A: 40.0(016)
water production gpd(m³/d)


150(10.3) Size B: 0.75(19.0) Size B: 1.13 (28.6)
Application pressure psi(bar)


9,000(7.2) Size C: 3.9 (99) Size C: 7.9(200)
Stable desalting rate (%)


99.5 1 Inch = 25.4 mm

1. Water production and desalinization rates are based on test conditions: 2000ppm NaC, pressure as shown above, 25°C, 15% recovery.

2. Stability treatment must be carried out before the membrane element is put into operation, in this process, there will be a one-time flux decline. The standard values in the table above are the performance data after stable processing.

3. The water yield of a single membrane element may be different, but the variation range is not more than ±20%.

4. Dalton DHSRO reverse osmosis membrane components are constantly being upgraded and improved, and product specifications are subject to change.


DHSRO4040 components are equipped with a pressure vessel with a nominal inner diameter of 4 inches, and DHSRO390 components are equipped with a pressure vessel with a nominal inner diameter of 8 inches




Diaphragm type Polycoolamine composite membrane a.When pH>10, the maximum allowable temperature for continuous operation is 95 ° F (35 ° C).

b.Under certain conditions, the presence of free chlorine and other oxidants can lead to early degradation and damage of the membrane
Due to oxidation damage exceeding the warranty range of Dalton DalTONEN, Dalton DalTONEN recommends that users remove residual free chlorine by pre-treatment before it comes into contact with the membrane

Maximum Operative Temperature 13°F(45°C)
Maximum thermal disinfection temperature (1.75bar,25psi) 85°C
Maximum operating pressure 600 psig(41.0 bar)
Max pressure drop 15 psig(1.0 bar)
Continuous operation within the pH rangea 2 - 11
PH range short-term cleaning (30 minutes) 2 - 11
Maximum water supply SDl15 5
Permissible free chlorine contentb <0.1ppm



The appropriate thermal stabilization steps for Dalton DHSRO sanitary grade thermal disinfection coil components are as follows: hot water should be used for thermal stabilization treatment before their first use:

·Rinse with appropriate quality purified water under low pressure and low flow conditions.

·Under very low pressure, use hot water for circulation treatment, with a water temperature of 45C or less. Warm water circulation, with a maximum pressure of 45psi (3bar), and a pressure difference of less than 25psi (1.7bar) on both sides of the membrane.

·Input hot water into the system until the temperature rises to 80 ° C

·When using warm or hot water with a water temperature of 45 ° C or higher, the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane must be less than 25psi (1.7bar)

·Insulation for 60-90 minutes

·Allow the system to lower the temperature below 45 ° C

·Rinse with appropriate quality purified water at very low pressure, with a maximum pressure of 45psi (1.7bar)



To prevent potential membrane damage during startup, shutdown, cleaning, or other processes, it is necessary to avoid any sudden pressure or cross flow changes in the coiled components. During the startup process, we recommend gradually transitioning from a stationary state to a running state as follows:

·The water supply pressure should gradually increase within the time range of 30-60 seconds.

·The design cross flow velocity value should gradually reach within 15-20 seconds.

·The product water within the first hour should be drained and not used

·Once the component is wet, it should always be kept moist.

·If the user does not strictly follow the operating limits and guidelines set in this specification, the limited warranty will become invalid.

·When the system is shut down for a long time, it is recommended to immerse the membrane components in a protective solution to prevent microbial growth

·Users should be responsible for the impact of using incompatible chemicals and lubricants on the components.

·The maximum allowable pressure drop for a single pressure vessel is 60psi (4.1 bar).

·Always avoid back pressure on the water side of the product.

·The water used for the thermal pre stabilization process of all components must be purified water of appropriate quality, which should be clean water free from free chlorine, scaling, or pollutants. It is recommended to use RO to produce water, and filtered effluent can also be used.

·This step must be used to cool the component to below 45 ° C


Attention: The use of this product itself does not guarantee effective removal of vesicles and pathogens in water. The effective removal of cysts and pathogens depends on the entire system design and operation and maintenance. Special note: The above data are test values obtained under certain original solutions and usage environments, which reflect the performance of DALTONEN products. DALTONEN guarantees the authenticity and accuracy of the above data. Due to the fact that the DALTONEN membrane products used by customers may be applied to different water quality situations, the above relevant data refers to the range, not the determined value. If you need to obtain accurate design conditions and requirements, please consult DALTONEN sales personnel. The DALTONEN-DHSRO membrane module must be used under the operating conditions specified in the product manual. As the usage conditions and applicable regulations may vary from place to time, customers are responsible for determining whether the products and product information in this document are suitable for their use and ensuring that their workplace and handling of products comply with applicable laws and other government regulations, Any lax design and use will be considered as a failure or waiver of quality assurance. All implied warranties regarding the marketability of the product or its suitability for a particular purpose are hereby expressly excluded.

For more information, please call the hotline 0755-66611508 or download the technical manual.

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