Industrial pure water

Energy conservation, emission reduction, and development of circular economy projects supported by the state

About Background:

With the manufacturing and development of industrial products, facing severe environmental pollution, water quality is rapidly declining, and industrial and electronic products have increasingly high requirements for the quality of cleaning water used in production. Pure water is mainly used in production as cleaning water and to prepare various solutions and slurries. The use of pure water and the requirements for water quality vary depending on the production of electronic components. Therefore, water quality has become an important factor in product yield and production cost



Project location: Shanxi Chemical Enterprise

Raw water quality: industrial wastewater from a certain chemical industry

Water production purpose: recycling

Membrane element type: reverse osmosis membrane

Processing scale:2000m3/d

Warranty period: 3 years


Benefit improvement:

 The water efficiency of key water consuming industries has further improved. The water intake per ton of steel in the steel industry and the unit water intake of major products in the paper industry have decreased by 10%, the unit water intake of major products in the petrochemical and chemical industry has decreased by 5%, and the unit water intake of major products in the textile, food, and non-ferrous metal industries has decreased by 15%. The level of industrial wastewater recycling will be further improved, and efforts will be made to achieve a national scale industrial water reuse rate of around 94%.