Product Introduction

The Daltonen Membrane SW seawater desalination dedicated reverse osmosis membrane element adopts innovative membrane technology, with strong compressive tightness of the membrane support layer, thick and dense skin layer, wear resistance, and chemical degradation resistance; By utilizing a short membrane structure and increasing the number of membrane pages, the membrane efficiency is greatly improved, achieving high desalination rate and boron retention rate under high water production conditions. Wide pH resistance range, high cleaning efficiency, and the ability to perform powerful and efficient cleaning with ordinary acids and alkalis. Due to thorough cleaning, the membrane system can operate at low pressure for a long time, greatly reducing operating costs and improving the economic benefits of the entire system


Product advantages

· High desalination rate

· Has compressive tightness, pollution resistance, and high cleaning efficiency

· Improving the overall economic benefits of seawater desalination systems


Product size


SizeAinch (mm) SizeB inch (mm) SizeC inch (mm) SizeD inch (mm)
DA-SW400-HR 40(016) / 1.125(29) 7.9(201)
DA-SW440-HR 40(016) / 1.125(29) 7.9(201)
DA-SW400-XHR 40 (1,016) / 1.125(29) 7.9(201)
DA-SW440-XHR 40 (1,016) / 1.125(29) 7.9(201)



Product parameters


ModelEffective area ft(㎡)

Stable boron removal rate%

Stable rejection rate 

Minimum rejection rate %    

    water production gpd(m³/d)
DA-SW400-HR 400(37.2) 90 99.80 99.70 6,000(23)
DA-SW440-HR 440(41) 90 99.80 99.70 6 600(25)
DA-SW400-XHR 400(37.2) 90 99.80 99.70 6.000(23)
DA-SW440-XHR 440(41) 90 99.80 99.70 6 600(25)


Test conditions: inlet pressure 5.5 MPa (800 psi); The inlet temperature is 25 ℃ (77 ° F); Inflow water quality 32000 ppm NaCI; The pH value of the inlet water is 8; Recovery rate 8%



Instructions for use

Maximum working pressure 83 bar (1200psi) Continuous operation PH range PH 2-11
Maximum operating temperature 45°C (113°F) Allowable free oxygen content <0.1ppm
Maximum inlet water SDI value 5.0 Flow range of a single membrane element ±15%
Chemical cleaning PH range PH 1-13 Effective membrane area variation range ±3%
Maximum pressure drop for a single membrane element 1.2 bar (15psi) Time to obtain stable desalting rate Run continuously for 24h-48h

For more information, please call the hotline 0755-66611508 or download the technical manual.

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