Product Introduction

The Dalton DHERO membrane module adopts an open channel structure with a channel spacing of 60-120 mils (approximately 2-4 mm). Wastewater or feed liquid flows through the channels formed by a grid, just like flowing in a tubular membrane. The resistance is much smaller than that of a diamond grid. At the same time, the internal transverse reinforcing ribs can increase the flow of the feed liquid, reduce the flow resistance, improve concentration polarization, and clean the membrane more thoroughly, This significantly improves the pollution resistance of Dalton DHERO components


Product advantages

(1) Pressure resistance>7.0 MPa, high pressure range, can overcome osmotic pressure and achieve high concentration factor

(2) The roll membrane structure can achieve the maximum effective membrane area and reduce equipment investment


Application area


(1) High magnification concentration and desalination of fluorescent brighteners, dyes, dye intermediates, chemical intermediates, and similar product liquids;

(2) Application of high magnification concentration, decolorization, desalination, grading, and purification processes for products such as vitamins, antibiotics, amino acids, organic acids, and enzyme preparations;

(3) Application of High Power Concentration, Desalination, Grading, and Purification Processes for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Plant Extract Similar Products;

(4) Application of High Power Concentration, Desalination, Grading, and Purification Processes for Tea Polyphenols, Fruit and Vegetable Juice, and Functional Glycitol Similar Products

(5) Application of zero discharge and near zero discharge processes for high salinity wastewater (brine), and application of salt lake carp extraction process;

(6) Treatment of landfill leachate


Explanation of concentration polarization

Concentration polarization will result in actual water production flux and desalination rate being lower than theoretical estimates. Concentration polarization refers to the separation process in which the solution in the feed liquid is driven by pressure to penetrate the membrane, and ions or solutes with different molecular weights are intercepted. The concentration increases at the interface between the membrane and the bulk solution or near the membrane interface. Under the action of concentration gradient, the solute will diffuse from the membrane towards the bulk solution, forming a boundary layer, increasing fluid resistance and local osmotic pressure, resulting in a decrease in solvent permeation flux.



The typical process route of concentrated water for zero emission projects is shown in the figure



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