Daltonen membrane condenses "core" wisdom to do "water" article

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Spring and bright, everything is renewed.

In 2024, it is necessary to strengthen ecological progress, promote green and low-carbon development, fully implement the concept that clear waters and green mountains are gold hills and silver mountains, and jointly promote carbon reduction, pollution reduction, green expansion and growth, so as to build a beautiful picture of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Use a "core" in the water Daltonen membrane

In the application of water resources environmental protection technology, the application of cutting-edge technology is playing an important role.

Among them, membrane technology is a new and efficient separation technology, which has the advantages of energy saving and environmental friendliness, and is one of the common supporting technologies to solve the major problems faced by human resources, environment, energy and other fields.

Membrane separation technology refers to the separation, classification, purification or enrichment of two-component or multi-component liquid or gas by using natural or artificially prepared films with selective permeability under a certain thrust (pressure difference, concentration difference, potential difference, etc.). Membrane separation technology is a new and efficient separation technology, and it is also one of the most promising high-tech technologies in the 21st century.

The characteristics of Dalton membrane separation technology in the field of water treatment are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Daltonen membrane product characteristics

1. High desalination
The desalination rate of seawater desalination membrane is as high as 99.82%,

The desalting rate of the anti-pollution membrane is as high as 99.7%

2. Resistance to pollution
Changing the charge and smoothness of the membrane surface,

Increase hydrophilicity and reduce the adhesion of contaminant microorganisms on the membrane surface

3. Low pressure difference
35mil special inlet channel,

The water flow distribution is more balanced, which can effectively improve the water production of a single membrane and significantly reduce the system pressure difference

4. Larger membrane area
440-480 square feet of membrane area,

10-20% larger than traditional membrane area

5. Extremely low operating pressure
Inlet pressure 0.48Mpa(70psi),

You get a steady water yield

6. High temperature resistance
Conventional tolerance temperature 45℃,

Special separation membrane withstands high temperature of 85℃

7. Acid and alkali resistance
Cleaning PH range 1-13, cleaning more thoroughly

8. Strong antioxidant capacity
The bottom of the supporting layer of the film has strong compressive resistance,

The skin is thick and dense, resistant to chemical degradation and wear

Product display

As an efficient separation, concentration, purification and purification technology, membrane separation process has incomparable advantages over traditional separation methods (evaporation, extraction or ion exchange, etc.), so it is widely used in seawater desalination, environmental protection, petrochemical industry, energy saving technology, clean production, medicine, food, electronics and other fields. It will become an important means to solve the crisis of human energy, resources and environment, and effectively promote the development of society, economy and science and technology.

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