Application of membrane separation technology to fine protein recovery from whey

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Whey is a by-product of dairy processing and is usually rich in protein and other nutrients. However, in the traditional whey treatment process, the protein is often wasted due to the lack of effective recycling methods, which not only causes the loss of resources, but also causes pollution to the environment. In order to solve this problem, membrane separation technology is widely used in the recovery and purification of proteins in whey.

Recovered protein from whey

Membrane separation technology can achieve efficient separation and purification of proteins in whey by using membrane materials with specific pore sizes. During the operation, the whey is first removed from the impurities such as fat and lactose by a pre-treatment step, and then separated by a membrane separator. Because the size of the protein molecules is larger than the pore size of the membrane, they are trapped on one side of the membrane, while water and other small molecules flow out through the pore. In this way, efficient recovery and purification of proteins in whey can be achieved.

Membrane separation technology has significant advantages in the application of protein recovery in whey. First of all, it can achieve efficient recovery and purification of protein, the recovery rate can reach more than 90%, and the purified protein is high purity and good quality. Secondly, the membrane separation process does not need to add chemical reagents, avoiding the problem of environmental pollution and secondary pollution. In addition, the membrane separation technology also has the characteristics of simple operation and easy automatic control, so that enterprises can adjust the production process more flexibly and improve production efficiency.

In the process of protein recovery in whey, membrane separation technology can not only recover valuable protein resources, but also reduce production costs and environmental pollution. With the development of dairy processing industry, the recovery of protein from whey will become an important research direction. Membrane separation technology, as an advanced separation technology, will play an important role in this field.

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