Deep application of membrane separation technology in the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine

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As a treasure of the Chinese nation, Chinese herbal medicine has attracted worldwide attention for its unique pharmacological effects. However, the traditional extraction methods of Chinese herbal medicine often have problems such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, and many impurities, which limit the application and development of Chinese herbal medicine to a certain extent. The emergence of membrane separation technology has brought revolutionary changes to the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine.

Deep application of membrane separation technology in the extraction of Chinese herbal medicine

Ultrafiltration/nanofiltration step new membrane technology of inorganic ceramic membrane and organic membrane

The new ultrafiltration/nanofiltration step membrane process of inorganic ceramic membrane and organic membrane not only combines the advantages of corrosion resistance and easy cleaning of ceramic membrane, but also makes full use of the high filtration accuracy characteristics of organic membrane. This new process can efficiently remove macromolecules, tannins, proteins and other non-medicinal components in the treatment of Chinese herbal extract, so that the effective components of Chinese herbal medicine can be fully retained.

As an example, the Chinese herbs from the branches and leaves of plants such as gynostaphylla, tea and ginkgo are rich in alkaloids, flavonoids, polyphenols and other active ingredients. However, these components often coexist with a large number of impurities, which are difficult to effectively separate by traditional extraction methods. The membrane separation technology can effectively separate the active ingredients from the impurities by precisely controlling the filter aperture, which greatly improves the purity of Chinese herbal medicine extraction.

In addition, membrane separation technology also has the advantages of simple process, convenient operation, no phase change, low energy consumption. Compared with the traditional extraction method, the membrane separation technology does not require heating or adding chemical reagents, which not only reduces energy consumption and production costs, but also avoids the generation of harmful substances, ensuring the safety and environmental protection of the product.

In addition to plant branches and leaves of Chinese herbs, membrane separation technology is also widely used in the extraction of radix isatis, ginger, artemisia annua and other roots, as well as fruit herbs such as monk fruit, wolfberry. There are also many impurities and low extraction efficiency in the extraction process of these Chinese herbs. Through the treatment of membrane separation technology, it can not only improve the purity and quality of products, but also maximize the utilization of resources and promote the sustainable development of Chinese herbal medicine industry.

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