5 application areas of MBR membrane technology

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MBR membrane technology has shown significant application value in a number of water treatment and recycling fields, and the following are five main application scenarios:

Sewage treatment and reuse: Facing the shortage of water resources in our country, effective utilization and treatment of sewage has become a key strategy. By using advanced technologies such as membrane bioreactor (MBR), urban domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater can be transformed into reusable water sources that meet non-drinking water standards, and are widely used in landscaping, washing, and landscape replenishment. For higher quality drinking water needs, the MBR system also shows excellent purification capacity, its ultrafiltration membrane removal rate of bacteria up to 6 logarithmic levels, the removal rate of viruses up to 4 logarithmic levels, effectively ensuring water quality safety.

5 application areas of MBR membrane technology

Enhanced drinking water treatment: As people's requirements for drinking water quality continue to improve, water treatment companies are paying more attention to controlling the microbial content in the water supply system. In addition to conducting frequent and costly water quality tests, MBR membrane technology creates a robust microbial protection wall at the water supply terminal. With its efficient filtration performance, the MBR system can easily meet the high standard of drinking water purification needs, and in good water quality conditions, the membrane system can operate at high flow rates while maintaining a low frequency of washing and chemical cleaning, achieving a recovery rate of up to 99%. If there is a special need, a secondary ultrafiltration system can be added to further recycle the primary cleaning water.

Surface water purification treatment: MBR technology also plays an important role in surface water treatment, and the treated surface water can be used as an irrigation source or as influent for reverse osmosis pure water manufacturing.

Desalination pretreatment: Desalination is an effective solution for many coastal areas around the world where fresh water resources are scarce. From the early distillation technology to the widespread use of reverse osmosis technology since the 1960s, MBR ultrafiltration systems have played a key pretreatment role in this process. It can effectively control the water quality of seawater, ensure that the reverse osmosis system provides high-quality water intake conditions, so as to ensure the stable operation of the reverse osmosis system and solve the problem of reverse osmosis membrane pollution.

Industrial and domestic sewage reuse: With the acceleration of industrialization, water resources pollution has intensified, and the contradiction between supply and demand of fresh water resources has become increasingly prominent. MBR membrane technology provides an attractive solution for the recycling of wastewater. The wastewater treated by MBR can not only be reused as industrial water, but even meet the standards of drinking water under specific conditions to achieve maximum conservation and recycling of water resources.

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