Can DTRO membrane be selected for landfill leachate treatment

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Landfill leachate, a highly concentrated wastewater with strong pollution and complex composition, is discharged directly into natural water without proper treatment, which will cause serious damage to the ecological environment, such as frequent bloom, because its water quality and quantity change dramatically with the seasons and there are many kinds of pollutants (including organic matter, metal ions, suspended particles, microorganisms and bacteria, etc.). It affects ecosystem balance and, if it enters the ocean, may increase the risk of red tides. Therefore, it is particularly critical to select an efficient and adaptable DTRO membrane technology to treat landfill leachate.

DTRO membrane

The advantages of using DTRO membrane to treat landfill leachate are obvious, mainly reflected in five aspects:

DTRO membrane has a unique micropore structure design, small aperture and wide flow channel, with high water flow and excellent filtration efficiency, which can effectively trap various pollutants in wastewater and improve the overall wastewater treatment efficiency.

The smooth surface of the membrane material is equipped with an innovative convex point deflector design, which enables the formation of high-speed turbulence as the wastewater passes through the membrane channel, greatly reducing the risk of contamination on the membrane surface and enhancing pollution resistance.

DTRO membrane treatment process is simple and clear, without high temperature conditions or chemical reaction process, compared with biochemical treatment, greatly shorten the wastewater treatment cycle, reduce energy consumption and the possibility of secondary pollution, reflecting significant time and economic benefits.

In terms of maintenance, the DTRO membrane component has the characteristics of flexible disassembly, and the modular design composed of the deflectors and diaphragms allows the faulty parts to be replaced separately, without abandoning the entire membrane component, which greatly saves the cost of consumables and maintenance costs.

The technology occupies a small space, has a high degree of automation, and the overall investment cost is relatively low, which is conducive to the promotion and application in projects of different sizes.

The application of DTRO membrane technology for landfill leachate treatment can not only greatly improve the purification effect of traditional biochemical treatment methods, but also completely remove suspended matter, solid impurities, dissolved organic matter, heavy metal ions, ammonia nitrogen, microbial bacteria and other harmful substances. Ensure that the effluent quality meets the strict requirements of the "Domestic Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standard" (GB16889-2008). Its stable and efficient treatment performance and economical and reasonable input cost make DTRO membrane a favored technical solution in the field of landfill leachate treatment.

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