Symptoms after membrane system contamination


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Symptoms after inorganic salt scaling pollution

Firstly, the conductivity of the water produced in the second stage of the membrane system is abnormal (with an increase in conductivity), resulting in a significant decrease in water production and a gradual increase in pressure. The pressure difference in the second stage also gradually increases. The most significant symptom is a significant decrease in water production.

The most common fouling in membrane systems is calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate; For the cleaning situation where the water production of the membrane system decreases significantly within a few hours or days, most of them belong to this type of pollution.

Inorganic salt scaling is usually caused by high recovery rates, insufficient dosage of scale inhibitors, and delayed regeneration of ion exchange softening resins.




Symptoms of colloidal contamination

The colloids in the influent of the membrane system include sludge, inorganic colloids, colloidal silicon, and some organic substances, which are usually removed by methods such as flocculation filtration and activated carbon adsorption. Colloid pollution first appears in the first section of the membrane system, with a gradual decrease in water production, a gradual increase in pressure difference, and a slight increase in water conductivity; The main symptoms of colloid pollution are slow changes in water production and pressure difference.


Symptoms of organic pollution

The main symptoms of organic pollution are a significant decrease in water production and a basically unchanged desalination rate.


Symptoms of microbial contamination

Microbial pollution usually occurs during the shutdown of reverse osmosis or nanofiltration systems, as well as in reverse osmosis or nanofiltration systems that use surface water, reclaimed water (tertiary wastewater), seawater, and other influent sources. When microbial pollution occurs, it is often accompanied by organic matter pollution. Pollution occurs in all sections, with a rapid increase in pressure difference between the first and second sections, a decrease in water production, and a basic unchanged conductivity of water production; The main symptom is a rapid increase in pressure difference.


Pollution of metal compounds

Metal compound pollution is mainly caused by metal oxides, metal hydroxides, etc., especially iron pollution. The symptoms are a decrease in water production and desalination rate, and an increase in membrane element pressure difference.

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