Innovative application of membrane separation technology in the extraction of pectin from fruit juice

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Fruit juice and pectin are important raw materials in the food industry, and their quality and purity have an important impact on the taste and nutritional value of the final product. The application of membrane separation technology in the extraction of fruit juice pectin provides a new idea to solve the shortcomings of traditional extraction methods.

Fruit juice pectin extraction

Through the combination of inorganic ceramic membrane and organic membrane, the new membrane technology realizes the efficient removal of impurities in juice. Impurities such as macromolecules, pigments, and pectin are effectively trapped in the filtration process, and the beneficial ingredients in the juice can pass through the membrane smoothly, ensuring the clarity and pure taste of the juice.

Taking apple juice as an example, traditional extraction methods often lead to residues of pectin, cellulose and other impurities in the juice, affecting the taste and quality. The membrane separation technology can effectively remove these impurities, making the apple juice more transparent and more refreshing. At the same time, the technology can also separate pectin from fruit juice, improve the purity and yield of pectin, and provide more high-quality raw materials for the food industry.

In addition to apple juice, membrane separation technology is also widely used in the extraction of other fruit juices and pectin products. For example, Arabic gum, pectin and other products also have many impurities and low extraction efficiency in the extraction process. By processing these products with membrane separation technology, they can achieve higher purity and quality, meeting the high standards of the food industry for raw materials.

In addition, membrane separation technology also has the advantages of simple operation, no phase change and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional extraction methods, membrane separation technology does not require heating and chemical reagents, reducing production costs and energy consumption, while ensuring product safety and environmental protection. These advantages make membrane separation technology have a broad application prospect in the field of fruit juice pectin extraction.

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