Treatment technology of nanofiltration membrane water system in zero-discharge wastewater project

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In the zero-discharge wastewater project, the treatment technology of nanofiltration membrane water system is a key link. As an efficient separation technology, nanofiltration membrane can effectively remove impurities and pollutants in wastewater, so as to realize the purification and reuse of wastewater.

Nanofiltration membrane water system treatment technology

The main process of nanofiltration membrane water system treatment is as follows:

Pre-treatment: First, the wastewater goes through a pre-treatment phase to physically or chemically remove suspended solids, colloids, and general scale-prone ions. This helps to reduce the burden of subsequent nanofiltration membrane treatment and improve its treatment efficiency and life.
Nanofiltration membrane treatment: After pretreatment, the wastewater enters the nanofiltration membrane system. Nanofiltration membrane has specific pore size and charge characteristics, which can realize efficient interception of organic matter and polyvalent salt ions in water. At the same time, due to its good univalent polyvalent salt selective separation characteristics, nanofiltration membrane can remove pollutants while allowing water molecules and partially dissolved ions to pass through, so as to achieve the desalination and reuse of wastewater.
Concentrated liquid treatment: The concentrated liquid produced during nanofiltration membrane treatment contains high concentrations of contaminants. These concentrates can be further treated through processes such as evaporation crystallization, which evaporates the water in them and leaves solid waste. These solid wastes can be further harmless treatment or resource utilization.
Throughout the treatment process, the operation of the nanofiltration membrane system requires close monitoring and maintenance to ensure its stable operation and efficient handling. At the same time, it is also necessary to select suitable nanofiltration membrane materials and process parameters according to the nature and treatment requirements of wastewater.

Through the nanofiltration membrane water system treatment process, the wastewater can be advanced treatment and resource utilization, which helps to reduce the impact of wastewater discharge on the environment, while saving water resources and reducing treatment costs for enterprises.

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