Warranty clause


Three years quality assurance for membrane components

After Seller Daltonen Membrane sells rolled reverse osmosis or nanofiltration Membrane components, the buyer is required to strictly follow the design and operating procedures recommended by Seller, and Seller Daltonen Membrane provides the following three-year proportional limited warranty on the material, manufacture and performance of the membrane products sold.

Limited warranty on materials and manufacturingThe seller Daltonen Membrane guarantees that the reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membrane elements produced and sold by it are in good condition in terms of manufacturing process and materials. On the condition that the Membrane elements are properly used and maintained by the Buyer in accordance with the technical documents provided by the Seller Daltonen Membrane, in case of quality problems in the manufacturing process and materials, the seller Daltonen Membrane undertakes the warranty obligation for 12 months from the date of delivery of the products to the carrier at the place of shipment. When the defects are found by the Daltonen Membrane inspected by the Seller in accordance with this Clause, the seller decides to repair or replace them free of charge.

Performance during a three-year limited warranty

According to the test conditions specified in the product sample, the new membrane product has the initial properties specified in the product sample. The Seller Daltonen Membrane guarantees the performance of the Membrane elements for three years, which is calculated from the date of operation of the membrane system or six months from the date of shipment of the membrane elements (whichever comes first). During this period, the seller Daltonen Membrane provides the following guarantees:

Initial performance

  • Seller guarantees that the Daltonen Membrane products will meet the minimum water yield and maximum salt permeability standards based on the standard test conditions specified by Seller and the Daltonen Membrane reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membrane element specifications. If the Daltonen Membrane film product fails to achieve the prescribed initial performance, the buyer is requested to inform the Seller of the relevant defects in time, and the seller will repair or return the product after confirming the performance defects, and the resulting freight shall be borne by the seller.

Performance during a three-year limited warranty

  • 1. When used or measured under the test conditions specified in the Daltonen Membrane Product "Product Performance",
    The salt transmittance shall not exceed 2 times the minimum value specified in Product Performance.
  • 2. When used or measured under the test conditions specified in the Daltonen Membrane Product "Product Performance",
    The average water yield shall not be less than 70% of the minimum value specified in Product Performance.

If the Buyer fails to meet any of the following conditions, the seller Daltonen Membrane will not perform the above-mentioned three-year limited warranty

  • (1) The turbidity of the water supply of the membrane element is ≤1.0NTU, SDI15≤5, and the water supply temperature is ≤45°
  • (2) The feed water of the membrane element should not contain harmful substances that may cause physical and chemical damage to the membrane element;
  • (3) Before installation or use, the film element should be stored in the original vacuum bag, dry film element storage temperature should be ≤45°, wet film element storage temperature is 0~45°C;
  • (4) The pH value of the membrane element feed water during normal operation is 3~10; During cleaning, the pH value of the water supply of the membrane element is 2~12;
  • (5) The membrane element feed water should not contain oxidizing substances such as chlorine, potassium permanganate and hypochlorite;
  • (6) The maximum operating pressure of the membrane element does not exceed 600psi;
  • (7) Under any clear condition, the back pressure generated on the membrane element shall not exceed 5psi, and the water hammer impact on the membrane element should be avoided during system operation;
  • (8) When the system performance decreases by 10% under standard conditions, or membrane fouling occurs, the cleaning procedure should be started in time according to the regulations;
  • (9) The system composition and design parameters such as the arrangement of membrane components, the configuration of instruments, and the recovery rate should be ensured to be consistent with reasonable engineering design;
  • (10) The Seller is responsible for providing users with reasonable system operation and maintenance manuals, and providing corresponding training to operation and management personnel to ensure that users have system cleaning and other system performance recovery and fault diagnosis capabilities;
  • (11) The user must regularly and systematically record the standardized performance data of the entire system and subsystems, ensure that the data is true, complete and continuous, and archive the data and information for future reference. Such information will be the basis for the perf

Membrane element repair return procedure

Before the repair, we must contact the sales staff of Daltonen Membrane and carry out the repair after obtaining the approval of the sales staff.
The repair and return inspection procedure can be divided into two ways: the Daltonen Membrane technicians will inspect the customer at the door or the customer will send the Membrane components back to Daltonen Membrane for testing.

In case of door-to-door inspection by Daltonen Membrane technicians:

  • (1) After testing, for the problems caused by Daltonen Membrane material and production process during the warranty period, Daltonen Membrane shall bear all the testing costs, and the customer can get the membrane elements that meet the technical standards compensated by the company. The freight is borne by Daltonen Membrane;
    (2) After detection, for the problems caused by non-Daltonen Membrane material and production process during the warranty period, the customer shall bear all the costs of detection and replacement of membrane components, and the freight shall be borne by the customer;
    (3) For the membrane components that exceed the warranty period, the customer shall bear all the costs of detection, replacement of membrane components and freight.

If the Membrane element is sent back to Daltonen Membrane by the customer, then:

  • 1) The customer should fill in the Membrane component repair and return registration form and return the form to Daltonen Membrane by email or fax
    Sales manager, sales manager after confirmation, notify the customer by fax to return the membrane element.

  • (2) When returning the membrane element, the customer shall provide the following information at the same time:
      ① Membrane element model, serial number and purchase contract number;

      ② Detailed product fault description and related data.



Packaging and transportation

Before transportation, the membrane elements should be placed in sealed plastic bags, protected storage of the membrane elements, and placed in a carton to avoid mechanical damage, and do a good job of moisture-proof, anti-freeze, sunscreen protection. The customer should send the Daltonen Membrane components as soon as possible after obtaining the repair notice of the Daltonen membrane, so as to avoid changes in the performance of the membrane components caused by too long storage time.


※The information contained in the Essential warranty and Seller's Products is as described herein only and does not contain any express or implied warranty information, excluding any joint, incidental, special, interpretable and punitive liability.