The future development trend of wastewater treatment membrane technology: green, intelligent and efficiency upgrade

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With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the continuous deepening of technological innovation, sewage treatment membrane technology is undergoing an unprecedented change, and the future development trend will be around the three core directions of green sustainability, intelligent operation management and efficiency improvement.

The future of sewage treatment membrane technology will further strengthen its position in the green circular economy. First of all, the development of high-performance new membrane materials is the key, such as the use of biodegradable materials, nano-composite materials and other membrane structures to improve membrane flux, pollution resistance and service life, so as to reduce the membrane contamination rate, reduce the frequency of replacement and waste generation. In addition, in view of the high energy consumption of existing membrane technology, researchers will be committed to developing a membrane separation process with lower energy consumption, such as improving the membrane preparation process, improving the separation efficiency of membrane components, and achieving the best sewage treatment effect with minimal energy consumption.

The new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence will be deeply integrated into the management and control of sewage treatment membrane systems. Through real-time monitoring of water quality parameters, membrane performance changes, and system operating status, refined management and predictive maintenance can prevent membrane contamination, adjust operating conditions in advance, and optimize overall operating efficiency. In addition, intelligent membrane cleaning strategies and automated membrane regeneration technologies will significantly reduce the need for manual intervention and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

Efficiency upgrade and diversified application Wastewater treatment membrane technology will expand more application scenarios on the basis of efficiency upgrade. On the one hand, integrated membrane technologies such as membrane bioreactor (MBR) will be more widely promoted, especially in the scenario of high standard effluent requirements and compact facilities, MBR will gradually become the mainstream choice with its efficient solid-liquid separation capacity and excellent effluent quality. On the other hand, with the improvement of membrane performance, its treatment capacity in the removal of refractory organic matter, heavy metal ion interception and other aspects will be further enhanced, and then meet the treatment needs of different types of industrial wastewater and complex water quality conditions.

In addition to playing a role in conventional urban domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment, future sewage treatment membrane technology will also be more involved in agricultural irrigation, groundwater restoration, rainwater collection and reuse. At the same time, through the development of low-cost, easy to install and maintain membrane products, as well as the implementation of standardized, modular membrane component design, is expected to further reduce the initial investment and operating costs of sewage treatment projects, so that it can be effectively popularized in more geographical and economic conditions.

To sum up, the future development trend of wastewater treatment membrane technology is to enable the comprehensive upgrade of water resources recycling system with higher separation efficiency, lower environmental footprint and smarter management mode, and help achieve the global water environment governance and sustainable development goals. Driven by scientific and technological progress, sewage treatment membrane technology will certainly play a more important role in the process of protecting earth's water resources and responding to the challenges of climate change.

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