The advantages of Daltonen membrane nanofiltration membrane elements

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The advantages of Daltonen membrane nanofiltration membrane components are mainly in the following seven aspects:
1. Softening characteristics: nanofiltration membrane softens water by selecting different ions. Membrane softening can not only remove the hardness of the water, but also purify the water quality, including the removal of turbidity, chroma and organic matter. Compared with other softening processes, the effluent quality of nanofiltration membrane is better.

2, retention characteristics: nanofiltration membrane has a certain retention function, can remove most of the toxic and harmful organic matter and mutants in water, including natural organic matter, synthetic organic matter, three substances, disinfection byproducts and their precursors and volatile organic compounds. When treating piped direct drinking water, nanofiltration membranes can block bivalent ions and other particles, allowing only water molecules and some monovalent ions to pass through.
3, high desalination rate: nanofiltration membrane has a high desalination rate, to achieve a high water quality standard, stable water production.
4, normal temperature operation: the purification and separation process of nanofiltration membrane is carried out at normal temperature, which is a physical process, there is no chemical reaction, and will not bring impurities. Compared with solvent desalination, nanofiltration membrane can not only provide better product quality, but also improve the yield.
5, reduce pollutant blockage: nanofiltration membrane greatly reduces the pressure loss on the concentrated water side of the membrane element, reduces the blockage of pollutants in the concentrated water channel, and makes the membrane flux in the front and back sections of the membrane system more balanced. This not only reduces the pollution of the membrane surface, but also reduces the pressure drop of the membrane system, and improves the anti-pollution ability.
6, stable performance: nanofiltration membrane components using advanced membrane structure design, even under extreme operating conditions can maintain good performance. There is a small amount of fluid between the membrane sheath and the membrane shell to form a tangential flow bypass to prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from breeding in the dead corner. All membrane components are made of the company's proprietary membrane sheath, and the traditional rubber concentrated water sealing ring is not used.
7, energy saving and environmental protection: nanofiltration membrane elements can work under lower operating pressure to achieve desalination concentration and separation treatment. This feature makes nanofiltration membrane has the advantage of energy saving and environmental protection.

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