Tubular ultrafiltration membrane technology leads the new era of advanced treatment of industrial wastewater

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Under the background of global green development strategy, technological innovation of industrial wastewater treatment is particularly important. Tubular ultrafiltration membrane, as a new and efficient membrane separation technology, plays an irreplaceable role in responding to environmental protection policies, promoting industrial wastewater discharge and resource utilization.

On the one hand, for special chemical wastewater such as coking wastewater, tannery wastewater, etc., its high salt content, strong acid and alkali, high toxicity, biochemical treatment is often difficult to work. Tubular ultrafiltration membrane with its stable physical separation performance, not affected by water quality fluctuations, can achieve fine separation of various pollution factors at room temperature. Its resistance to pollution and corrosion enables long-term stable operation under harsh conditions, ensuring that the wastewater can be treated to meet strict discharge limits.

Tubular ultrafiltration membrane technology

On the other hand, tubular ultrafiltration membrane technology has also made important breakthroughs in the fields of energy and oil fields. For example, when used for the re-injection treatment of oil produced water, it can effectively trap oil droplets, suspended solids and other harmful substances, making the treated water meet the standards for re-injection into the underground layer, ensuring the safety of underground water bodies, and reducing the demand for fresh water sources.

In addition, considering the importance of resource recycling, tubular ultrafiltration membrane can not only purify water quality in the treatment of electrophoretic paint wastewater and electroplating wastewater, but also realize the recovery of valuable materials such as solvents and pigments. This idea of "turning waste into treasure" coincides with the circular economy advocated by modern environmental policies.

In summary, tubular ultrafiltration membrane technology conforms to the guidance of environmental protection policies, and has become an ideal choice for the treatment of many difficult industrial wastewater with its characteristics of advanced wastewater treatment, resource recovery, emission reduction and efficiency. With the advancement of science and technology and the growth of market demand, this technology will continue to play an important role in the future, driving the industrial wastewater treatment industry to a cleaner and more efficient direction.

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