Fully automatic reverse osmosis pure water equipment


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Fully automatic reverse osmosis pure water equipment for a semiconductor company in Guangzhou

A semiconductor company in Guangzhou has an 80 ton/hour fully automatic reverse osmosis pure water equipment, and the required conductivity for water production is ≤ 10 μ S/cm, Daltonen fully automatic primary reverse osmosis pure water equipment treatment process: tap water raw water tank → raw water pump → mechanical filter → activated carbon filter → security filter → primary high-pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis device → primary RO pure water tank → water consumption point. The water quality of the produced water is stable, and the equipment operates well, receiving high praise from customers.

Daltonen Membrane is a professional one-stop comprehensive service provider for the research, production, and sales of pure water equipment. It is an internationally renowned brand with localized services, guaranteed quality, and worry free after-sales service. Daltonen's reverse osmosis membrane is renowned both at home and abroad for its advantages in high water production, low pressure, and high desalination. All models of products have passed the ISO certification system, with brand direct supply, genuine product guarantee, and improved after-sales service, saving 50% of costs, We are always ready to provide you with excellent solutions for on-site installation nationwide. For pure water equipment, please contact Daltonen!


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